Canada Geese Egg Depredation Tactics

Canada geese will typically lay 6-12 eggsOhio Geese Control works with the Division of Wildlife to ensure the overall population of Canada geese is in balance when implementing egg depredation. It is always necessary to implement other harassment techniques to try and remove the Canada geese naturally from a location before egg depredation is incorporated into your Canada geese control program.

If non-lethal tactics have been used in the past, without success, the Division of Wildlife may issue a lethal permit to allow the landowner to manage egg depredation.  These permits can only be used March 11 through August 31.

There are three ways to properly manage egg depredation:

  1. Oiling eggs prevents gases from diffusing through an egg’s outer membranes and pores in the shell, thereby causing the embryo to die of asphyxiation. Typically, the eggs are taken out of the nest, covered with an oily substance by brushing, dunking, or spraying, and then replaced in the nest.
  2. Addling (or shaking) involves vigorously shaking the eggs until sloshing is heard, thus destroying the embryo.
  3. Puncturing is done by pushing a thin, strong pin through the shell, which introduces bacteria. The pin can be rotated inside the egg to ensure that the embryo is destroyed. The eggs are treated and replaced so that the female goose continues to incubate in a futile attempt to hatch the eggs.

It is suggested that, in the interest of humane treatment, these techniques be performed as early in incubation as possible. If eggs are simply removed, geese generally re-nest and produce another clutch.

Ohio Geese Control will work with our clients when, proper permits are obtained, to manage and record eggs. If you need assistance with your Canada geese pest control methods, contact us for a free site visit at 1-877-91GEESE.

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