Border Collies compete in summer games
By: Marci HowerJuly 29, 2023

Ohio Geese Control Dog Summer Games

Each summer our co-workers have the opportunity to show off their skills with our Annual Summer Picnic and Dog Games. It’s not only fun for the handlers and dogs, it is a hoot to watch. It is also a great chance to meet and mingle with all of us here at Ohio Geese Control. We love to show off our border collies’ skills, and show you they can do more than chase Canada geese.

Here are some of the highlights

Games include: Musical Hoops, Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, Fetch, Doggie Limbo and some for our two-legged contestants too.


Congratulations to the winners – 1st place team Ben, 2nd place team Jenny and 3rd place team Cap

Goose chasing Border collie winner

1st Place Team Ben


Goose chasing border collie winner

2nd Place Team Jenny


Goose Chasing Border Collie winner

3rd Place Team Cap


Border Collie

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