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Border collie chasing away canadian geese

Goose Management Consultation

Custom Goose Management Programs

Ohio Geese Control will develop a custom goose management program that will meet your needs. Our staff has over 15 years of experience in working with Canada geese and various harassment techniques.

Successful and cost-effective management of Canada goose activities often depends on identifying the site characteristics most attractive to the geese (e.g., security, food, nesting sites, water).

Ohio Geese Control will then design a custom management program based on the potential for reducing these characteristics. Our process begins with a site visit, where we will establish a custom plan that will be practical, safe, and effective.

Quick-fix solutions seldom reduce goose conflicts, and an integrated approach combining several techniques is usually the key to successful management programs.

Programs We Run

Sample programs that we have assisted our clients with include:

  • Resident geese programs
  • Roof top programs
  • Molting programs
  • Landscape modification programs
  • Harassment programs
  • Egg depredation programs
Our most successful tactic

Goose Harassment Tactics

Harassment techniques are nonlethal and therefore are generally well accepted by the public. Our most successful tactic is the use of Border collies on site. Skilled dogs are trained to chase but not harm the geese. Geese perceive the Border Collies’, more than any other breed, as predators and will be discouraged to stay at the property. Keep in mind, the use of a combination of techniques almost always works better than any single technique alone, and we will guide you in this process during our initial assessment.

The best way to get rid of Canada geese

Dog experts widely agree that the Border Collie is an intelligent workaholic.


Trained Border Collies

Trained border collies are a special breed of hardworking and extremely intelligent dogs. Their natural instinct to herd and wolf-like glance is threatening to the geese and provokes them into flight. The geese are never harmed in this process. Our border collies are trained with their specific handler on both whistle and verbal commands.

Skilled (Human) Handlers

Skilled handlers are trained with each dog. Working as a team to begin herding and controlling the geese population takes tremendous time, patience, and practice. This is very important with the varying terrains, including ponds, lakes, number of geese, and goslings.

Our Process

Our process begins with a site visit. Depending on this assessment, we will establish a service custom to your needs. We will give recommendations for combining and applying several dispersal methods. Primarily site visitations, in which we will be visiting at varying times because we want the geese to sense that there is a predator on the property. Constantly harassing the geese, we eventually force the geese to disperse.

Our Cost

Our cost will vary depending on terrain and size of the property, the number and size of ponds, the current average geese number, and how many geese, if any, you want to live with. A skilled handler and border collie will come out for a free site visit, determine your goals, demonstrate our dog’s ability, and respond within 48 hours with a detailed analysis of the recommended service.

To be effective dogs must be deployed one to three times a day, every day to control the population. This humane and effective tactic is recommended by The National Humane Society and The Division of Wildlife.

Canada Geese prefer a pretty standard habitat.

Landscape Modification

Many urban features, including parks, industrial sites, residential complexes, golf courses, and planned residential communities, provide the prefect environment for Canada geese to thrive.

Geese congregate in parks, offices, golf courses and homes

Each goose can dump up to 1 to 2 pounds of droppings a day

New Construction Planning

Considering waterfowl and wildlife problems while new projects are being developed may not be the highest priority when creating a new space; still, it can be critical to ongoing maintenance and overall usage of your new construction. Any work you can do in the planning phase to help dissuade Canada Geese from setting up camp on your property is always the best course of action. We can work with your designers and contractors to help you with any issues before you even start the planning process.

Existing Landscapes

If you already have your facility or home planned, in process, or fully built, we can help retrofit your landscape to attract fewer waterfowl and other wildlife. Sometimes it could just be as simple as planting a specific type of grass or allowing a pond to freeze in the winter. We will come on-site and help you plan the safest and most effective solution to removing Canada Geese for good.

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Let us help you manage your Canada geese problems. Our process begins with a site visit, depending on this assessment we will establish a service custom to our clients’ needs. We will give recommendations for combining and applying several dispersal methods. Constantly harassing the geese, we eventually force the geese to disperse. Call us at 877-91GEESE to set up your appointment.


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