Goose Management Consultation

Ohio Geese Control will develop a custom goose management program that will meet your needs. Our staff has over 10 years of experience in working with Canada geese and various harassment techniques.

Successful and cost-effective management of Canada goose activities often depends on identifying the site characteristics most attractive to the geese (e.g., security, food, nesting sites, water). Ohio Geese Control will then design a custom management program based on the potential for reducing these characteristics. Ohio Geese Control strives for an ecological approach to Canada geese management. Choosing techniques while ignoring the biological or behavioral aspects of goose activity will likely not solve the problem.

Quick-fix solutions seldom reduce goose conflicts, and an integrated approach combining several techniques is usually the key to successful management programs. Sample programs that we have assisted our clients with include:

Our process begins with a site visit, depending on this assessment we will establish a service custom to our clients’ needs. We will give recommendations for combining and applying several dispersal methods. Constantly harassing the geese, we eventually force the geese to disperse. Call us at 877-91GEESE to set up your appointment.