The Nuisance of Canada Geese

Conflicts between Canada geese and humans in the urban environment have increased as goose populations have grown. Geese are deemed a nuisance because of their droppings, aggressive behavior, and noise.

The most common complaint about geese is the accumulation of droppings and feathers. Each Canada goose can produce 1-2 pounds of droppings each day. This adds up to quite a mess when you have 50 or more geese on site and can be very labor intensive to manage the cleanliness of your location.

With droppings come pollutants. These droppings can be a health risk and can carry Salmonella spp,. E. coli, and Listeria spp. Heavy concentrations of goose droppings can also contain nitrogen which can pollute ponds and lakes, leading to excessive algae growth and reduced water quality.

Another main complaint about geese is their aggressive nature. Geese become very protective around their nests or goslings and may attack pets, children and adults. They will continue their aggression until they feel their territory is safe from predators or conflict. This is not only a safety issue, but a liability issue for your property. There are many documented cases of injury and even deaths occurring because of the aggression of Canada geese.

Geese only bring more geese. It is true, that Canada geese will act as decoys for migratory geese, causing increases in your goose populations. One and two geese are welcomed but this can quickly swell into a huge problem.

Let us help you manage your Canada geese problems. Our process begins with a site visit, depending on this assessment we will establish a service custom to our clients’ needs. We will give recommendations for combining and applying several dispersal methods. Constantly harassing the geese, we eventually force the geese to disperse. Call us at 877-91GEESE to set up your appointment.