Ohio Geese Control Dog Olympics


Ohio Geese Control Annual Dog OlympicsEach summer our co-workers have the opportunity to show off their skills with our Annual Summer Dog Olympics. It’s not only fun for the handlers and dogs, it is a hoot to watch. It is also a great chance to meet and mingle with all of us here at Ohio Geese Control. We love to show off our border collies’ skills, and show you they can do more than chase Canada geese.

Here are some of the highlights

Musical Hoops: When the music stops the dog needs to sit in the hoola hoop! Last one sitting wins.

10526142_10153084522529896_6779896666864329583_n10553472_10153084522644896_1359040832276583440_n1 Jeff Jett



Red Light, Green Light: First one to cross the line without getting caught moving during a red light wins.





Doggie Limbo: How low can your dog go?

1 Games Limbo JoyIMG_1978IMG_1959




Doggie Treat Stack: How high can you stack your treats in 60 seconds without tipping them, or your dog eating them.





And the winner is…team Akron. Congratulations Alvin, Tudy and Jack!

1 Olympics Champ Alvin






Some Snapshots!




1 Mike Kerr1 Erika CowboyIMG_1929