By: Marci HowerFebruary 29, 2024

Beware, it’s Mating Season for Geese

Goose Attack

Protect yourself from aggressive geese

It’s time to start being aware of your surroundings and not to walk absent-mindedly too close to Canada geese this spring. February is when geese will start pairing up and fighting off other geese to defend their nesting territories. March will then lead us into nesting season.

Canada geese will begin to find a mate and nest at around 3 years old. They will also go back to the exact location where they learned to fly. So, the beautiful pond in your neighborhood that once had 2 or 3 geese, may now grow into 20 to 30 geese over time. Considering each goose produces 1 to 2 pounds of droppings per day, this has now become a nuisance. Goose droppings can change the ecology of ponds and makes it hard to enjoy the outdoors.

As if producing so much droppings wasn’t bad enough, the males will attack anyone getting too close to their nest. Adult geese weigh 6 to 18 pounds and have strong chest and wing bones, which are capable of inflicting serious damage. A more frequent hazard is when people trip or fall when they are running away from the attacking goose.

If you are threatened by a goose:

  • Be aware of the gooses warning signs of hissing and posturing
  • Do not show fear
  • Maintain eye contact, don’t squint or close your eyes
  • Slowly back away while maintaining eye contact
  • Don’t act hostile
  • Make yourself bigger, or point your finger at the goose
  • Duck, don’t run
  • Call Ohio Geese Control to humanely control the geese population

Ohio Geese Control will provide clients with nest strategies as well as population control programs. Their programs are reliable, humane and affective. Our tools include trained canines, whose wolf-like glare will instill a fear into the goose and keep them at bay.

We have been helping create a healthier and happier environment across Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus and Toledo by humanely managing the Canada geese population for the past 20 years. Our skilled handlers and specially trained border collies engage in a herd and flight-provoking process as recommended by the Human Society. The result? Unharmed geese, public grounds that are free of droppings and satisfied customers for the past 20 years.


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