Protecting your pond against Canada geese
By: Marci HowerJuly 28, 2012

Effects of Goose Poop on Your Pond

Did you ever wonder how all of the geese that are congregating in your backyard are affecting the ecology of your pond? Considering each goose can produce 1 to 2 pounds of droppings each day, and a typical Canada goose may poop 28 times a day, it doesn’t look good for homeowners.

In fact, Geese are major contributors of Phosphorus and Nitrogen in ponds. These nutrients come directly from goose excrement and cause pond eutrophication. Pond eutrophication is a natural process that all bodies of water experience. It is the gradual enrichment of nutrients over time. Goose excrement speeds up this process. Leaving extra nutrients for algae and weeds to grow rapidly. A rapid increase in algae can deplete the water of oxygen, damaging the aquatic environment and causing fish kills.

It only takes 1 goose on a 1 acre pond to overload the water with Phosphorus. 

Geese, Algae and weeds in a lake or pond can make it difficult to enjoy the water for fishing, swimming, or boating. We want you to enjoy the outdoors, particularly your ponds in this very hot weather we are having this summer. The best way to get rid of the geese is to use border collies to instill the fear of a predator on site.

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