Controlling Geese in Winter
By: Marci HowerDecember 27, 2023

Winterizing your Property to Control Geese

We imagine Canada geese flying above us heading to southern states for the winter months, and we are not entirely wrong. However, many geese don’t go as far as we think. Some geese stop and stay here in Ohio. The number of geese in Ohio during the winter months is growing, and they are not all migrating. Canada geese put the comfort and safety of your customers, employees or homeowners at risk.

Winter Geese Nuissance

Get rid of canadian geese in winterGeese need food and water to survive. As long as they have access to open water, they can always dig through the snow to get to the dormant grass for food. So the winter months won’t stop them from destroying your lawn and leaving behind their droppings for you to slip on.

Are Geese Aggressive in Winter?

Typically, geese are the most aggressive when they are protecting their nests, eggs or goslings. However, this may start sooner than you think. In Ohio, geese begin fighting for nesting territory in February. Geese return to where they learned to fly and establish their own breeding ground. But to do this, they have to compete for space with all the other geese doing the same thing. So you will start to see their aggressive nature beginning to sprout in February.

It is important to start your geese deterrent program in February, before geese stake their territory for nesting. This will give you the highest chance of success in deterring nests from popping up on your site.

Once there is a nest on site, you will have to go through the proper protocols for nests through ODNR. Geese will remain aggressive throughout the Spring season. And property managers end up fighting a difficult battle protecting the well-being of their business or property. It’s best to start now.

What to Do to Prevent Geese in Winter Months

There are measures you can take now, in the winter, that will dissuade the geese and give you a fighting chance in the Spring.

  • Enforce a no-feeding policy. Educate others through newsletters or putting a “Do Not Feed Geese” sign out. Feeding geese is not good for the geese or for your property.
  • Take out the water features that keep the water moving in your pond or lake. This will allow the pond to freeze over. No access to open water, means no access to a food source for geese.
  • Place a visual deterrent onsite. Reflective tape or balloons that move in the wind and are easy to install. It is important to continually change the location of these deterrents so the geese do not become acquainted with them.
  • Apply goose repellent on the grass before the snow covers the grass. Ask our experts for assistance in applying a repellent that should help out all winter.

Professional Goose Control Service to the Rescue

If the problem is persistent, then it is time to hire in a trusted company that can provide you the expertise to get rid of the geese quickly and effectively. Ohio Geese Control has a proven track record of 20 years of experience and satisfied customers. A quick call to our experts and we can provide you direction on what you need to get rid of the geese at your home, office, park, apartment, or store. The key is a combination of tactics and consistency to make sure you stay ahead of your Canada geese problem. Call us at 877-914-3373 or fill out this form and we will be in touch soon,

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