WTOL interviews Ohio Geese Control
By: Marci HowerApril 15, 2024

An Interview with Ohio Geese Control

Ohio Geese Control is excited to spread the word on how to manage geese and keep the public safe during nesting season.

Thank you to Megan Hartnett, of WTOL in Toledo, who took the time to interview our Account Manager, Katie B., in Toledo. As nesting season begins, geese become more territorial and attacks are more common. It is important to understand what you can do to prevent the attacks and keep yourself safe.

The best way to get rid of geese is to introduce a predator on site and make them weary of the area and migrate to another location. This is where our Ohio Geese Control border collies come into the scene, the best dog to give chase and not harm the geese. They have a wolf-like glare and walk up that appears like a predator to the geese. Under the skilled command of our handlers they will not harm the geese. Safety of the public and the geese are our utmost priority. For more information call Ohio Geese Control at 877-914-3373 or fill this form out and we will contact you.

Take a look at WTOL interviewing Ohio Geese Control.


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