Border collies are perceived as predatores
By: Marci HowerDecember 10, 2013

Ohio Geese Control’s No Harm, No Fowl Policy

Ohio Geese Control can help you control your Canada geese population in a safe, humane and highly affective manner. Geese are probably the most adaptable and tolerant of all native waterfowl. As their populations have increased, and man has encroached on their natural habitat, a conflict between man and geese was certainly inevitable.

Canada geese will readily establish nesting territories on any suitable pond, located on a golf course, apartment complex or commercial property. Most people will welcome the first pair of geese. However, in a short time a pair of geese can easily become 50 birds, which causes aggravation as they foul the area (1 to 2 pounds of dropping a day per bird), damage landscaping and become aggressive towards people.
It is possible to control the geese population in a natural way, which will remove the conflict between man and beast. The key to solving the problem is to make your property less attractive to Canada geese — reduce goose food and increase the birds’ wariness of potential danger.


Limit the amount of food sources.

  • Stop feeding the geese
  • Let grass grow taller (at least 6 inches)
  • Keep tall grasses (at least 18 inches) around ponds

Increase wariness of predators on site.

  • Use dense tall plantings along shorelines
  • Add variety to landscaping with clumps of taller plantings
  • Locate ball fields and other grassy expanses as far from open water as possible
  • Maintain stands of trees so geese do not have easy access to water
  • Use harassment techniques such as border collies

Border collies’ wolf-like glance and natural ability to herd convinces the geese that there is a predator on site. With consistent use, geese will feel too unsafe to stay at that location.  – Jeff Hower, President, Ohio Geese Control,

According to The Humane Society, the most effective way to scare geese away is with trained goose-herding dogs. Herding dogs convince geese they are not safe from predators. Only trained dogs working with a handler should harass geese. Dogs should never catch or harm geese. For more information on methods of controlling Canada geese populations naturally, contact Ohio Geese Control to set up a custom geese management solution.

For more information and a free site visit for initial consultation and dog demonstration, contact us or call 1-877-914-3373. We want to create a healthier and happier environment by humanely managing migratory bird populations.

Download three step guide to get rid of geeseDownload this document to share with  your staff, employees or residents: 3 Step Guide To Get Rid of Geese

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